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Elevator solutions

Our lifts and elevators are top of the range for domestic and commercial installations. We design and installed based on the needs of individual clients and we always deliver best and up to the task solution that ensure safety and security of the users and the facility installed in.

Our main core competence and quality assurance are in the areas of:

Built with strong and aeronautical grade aluminum materials with bullet proof glass, making them strongest in the market. This also comes with aesthetic design for the beauty of it.

This is the primary driver of our company. We ensure all safety compliance for the protection of lives and users property.

Smooth and impeccable performance in flexibility and accessibility to meet up with expected needs of our customers and clients both corporate/ industrial and home user. Our lifts and elevator are easy to maintain and smooth to operate.


Battery Powered Surveillance Camera Solutions

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Wireless CCTV cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras will transmit their footage through wireless data networks straight to a monitor either locally or in a distant location.

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Solar Powered Cameras

Unlike wired security cameras, solar security cameras do not require running wires to connect them to power sources.

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